Product description

100% green powder from pressed and dried fresh juice of young barley leaves


The freshest barley on the market

Due to a large number of harvests during the year, we can supply the freshest barley on the market


Top quality barley 

Careful site selection, strictly controlled organic cultivation and exceptionally gentle processing ensure that Green Ways barley is



Enzymatically active

Suitable for vegans



Each batch is tested in state-accredited laboratories.


Green Ways barley contains active biological substances







And other phytonutrients


Green Ways barley does not contain




And other additives

Green Ways barley is 100% barley.


Green Ways barley has been thoroughly tested

Some of our latest studies conducted on Green Ways Barley – the product you are viewing right now:

Chemopreventive effects of Young Barley and Chlorella Pyrenoidosa (2019)

Immunomodulatory properties of Young Barley and Chlorella Pyrenoidosa (2022)


Our studies have been presented at international Green Ways conferences and published in high impact scientific journals such as Nutrition (USA) and Nutrition and Cancer (USA).


At Green Ways, we have been involved in green foods for more than 21 years, and we are professionals at it.


Raw green barley leaf juice is one of the best functional foods in the world.


Green Ways Barley

Satiates – Supplies your body with valuable nutrients

Cleanses – Supports your body’s gentle detoxification processes

Harmonizes – Supports regeneration at all levels of your body


Treat yourself to a life-giving green nectar that will rejuvenate every cell in your body.


Specific product experiences, analyses, studies, expert articles and answers to frequently asked questions are available to all registered customers and consultants after they log in to our website. We publish a monthly printed magazine Greenways available also on our website. Green Ways has a large number of health professionals and our partners have the opportunity to consult with physicians and experienced counsellors about their issues.



Recommended dosage

5 to 10 grams per day (one to two tablespoons) for an adult. For 5 grams of barley, use 0.5 litres of cool or lukewarm still water. 1 gram per 1 dcl of water will give you a more balanced taste. Always drink fresh. You can increase the amount during strain. (Sports, higher stress levels...) We recommend increasing the portions of Barley gradually. This is to avoid any significant detoxification effects.


Shaken, not stirred

We recommend using a shaker for an easier preparation of the drink. For example, the Green Ways shaker


Do you feel that every packet of Green Ways Barley tastes, smells and looks a little different? You are not wrong. Because our Barley is grown in different seasons, changing temperature, humidity, level of sunshine and different locations affect the change in taste and aroma. That’s why it will sometimes taste sweet and other times you will get a refreshing, slightly bitter taste. Sometimes you can smell freshly cut grass, sometimes an uncut meadow. And even though there is the same weight (300 grams) in each pack, it may seem that sometimes you have more Barley and sometimes you have less. All this is just proof that Green Ways Barley is a purely natural product.


Try Green Ways Organic Barley together with Green Ways Organic Chlorella. They work great together.

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