Green Ways Baby Barley travel size


Product description

Treat yourself to Green Ways Baby Barley even when travelling

Easy to prepare

Excellent taste


The first flavoured green barley for children on our market


80% raw dried juice of young barley leaves in organic quality.

A pleasantly fruity and sweet taste is added to the drink by the extract of organically grown strawberries, birch sugar (xylitol), stevia and organically grown citrus fruits.


Top quality 

Careful site selection, strictly controlled organic cultivation and exceptionally gentle processing ensure that Green Ways Baby Barley is


Enzymatically active

Suitable for vegans


Gluten-free (Does not contain gluten)

Suitable for diabetics

Each batch is tested in state-accredited laboratories.


Green Ways Baby Barley contains active biological substances







And other phytonutrients


Green Ways Baby Barley does not contain




Artificial sweeteners

Artificial preservatives

Or other additives

Green Ways Baby Barley is 100% natural.


At Green Ways, we have been involved in green foods for more than 21 years, and we are professionals at it.



The active ingredients in Green Ways Baby Barley support immunity and contribute to the proper functioning of the body.


Green Ways Baby Barley contains a number of important vitamins (such as A, B2, B6, K2 and others), minerals (potassium, magnesium or iron), enzymes and antioxidants that support the natural potential and development of the human body. It is also rich in enzymes and other phytonutrients.




1–2 times a day 3 g for children from 3 years of age

1–2 times a day 6 g for an adult.

We recommend starting your consumpation with a lower concentration and gradually increasing it.



Add the recommended quantity to 200–500 ml of lukewarm or cool still water. To make the preparation easier, use a shaker, ideally a Green Ways shaker. Or simply add the powder to a bottle of water you have just purchased. Our practical advice – Before pouring the Barley into a bottle, take a sip. The drink is intended for immediate consumption.


If the individual components of the drink have separated, shake lightly again before drinking. Separation is a natural process and does not reduce the quality of the product.


Baby Green Ways Barley works well with Green Ways Chlorella in the diet.

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