Organic dried Red Beet root juice powder


Product description

100% juiced and then gently dried beet juice without coarse fibre.

Each pouch contains a powder that we obtain from the juice of 2 squeezed larger beets.

There are 40 pouches in the pack.


Careful site selection, strictly controlled organic farming and gentle processing ensure that Green Ways Beetroots are



Suitable for vegans



Each batch is tested in nationally accredited laboratories.


The juice is dried at a low temperature (31°C), which preserves a large amount of biologically active substances.


Green Ways Beetroot does not contain




Other additives

Green Ways Beetroot is 100% beetroot



As with Green Ways Barley, you benefit from the fact that pressed juice does not contain coarse insoluble fibre. It is also suitable for people on a fat-free diet, to whom it supplies the often missing beneficial substances.


Organic cultivation ensures a high content of betaine, potassium, magnesium and boron. Due to the low drying temperature, high amounts of vitamin B9 (folate) and betaine, which are susceptible to heat treatment, are retained.


Green Ways Beetroot is a rich source of the polyphenol resveratrol and betaine, in addition to vitamins (such as B6 or B9) and minerals. Betaine is a very valuable substance that belongs to the so-called betalains and has an effect on liver cells with a proven regenerative effect.


Storage in the form of gently dried powder eliminates the two main disadvantages of storing whole beets. Stored beets are very susceptible to landfill rot and their antioxidant content decreases significantly with storage time


Recommended dosage

1 pouch (5 grams) 1 to 2 times per day for an adult.


Stir the contents of the pouch in lukewarm or cool still water. We recommend 0.2 dcl per pouch. Use a shaker, ideally a small Green Ways shaker. You can regulate the taste of the drink with more or less water


Green Ways Beetroots can be drunk and eaten on their own or used, for example, in the preparation of smoothies and cocktails. It is particularly suitable for cold cooking, where it retains its biologically active substances. You can use it, e.g. as a natural dye in the preparation of sweet dishes (colouring marzipan, icings etc.)


Lumps may be formed in the pouch. It is a natural reaction to the presence of natural carbohydrates. This does not reduce the quality of the product. Shake the pouch before opening.

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